Thursday, May 5, 2011

Everything is just rosy!

I wanted to continue with the smiles and happiness I, hopefully, generated with my sunny yellow blog last night.  Today, everything is just rosy!

LOTUS peep toe high heels 
Harpers Bazaar UK
 March 1947

Pauline Trigere Aubergine Wool Coat with Leopard Muff & Helmet Cap
Harpers Bazaar
October 1949

 Nettie Rosenstein Dinner-at-Home Dress
Modelled by Jean Patchett
Harpers Bazaar
October 1949

I love the way this dress is labelled -- "a dinner at home dress".  I can't imagine what life would have been like if this was what you were expected to wear for dinner at home!  That's just a wee bit more formal than it is at OUR house.

In the 1920s American fashion business, imported fashions by named French couturiers were considered the best to be had. At this time Nettie Rosenstein's designs were sold by stores under their own labels, though purchasers were told that the dresses were in fact by her. Through word of mouth, Rosenstein earned name recognition and her own-name label became a valuable commodity. Her clothes were retailed around America, but only one store in each city was permitted to carry fashions bearing Rosenstein's label.  

In 1937, Rosenstein was described by Life Magazine as one of the most highly regarded American designers.  She was one of the first recipients of the Neiman Marcus Fashion Award on its launch in 1938. In 1940, Rosenstein clothing was sold out of 92 shops and department stores across the USA, at prices ranging from $98 to $500.  Whilst these prices were beyond the range of most consumers, Rosenstein's designs were so widely copied that she still influenced the average American woman's wardrobe.  One such design was the "little black dress" designed to go from day to evening with low-cut evening necklines combined with daywear silhouettes and materials.  Her designs also included printed dresses with gloves to match, and she was also known for her accessories and striking costume jewellery. She was also the designer responsible for First Lady Mamie Eisenhower's dress for the 1953 Inauguration Ball.

 Aubergine Satin Evening Coat with Fur Trimmed Hood & Fur Muff
Harpers Bazaar
December 1938

 Wolsey Pink Ban-Lon Nylon Cardigan
Harpers Bazaar UK
December 1958

Oh, so pretty in pink!  Are you smiling yet?


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