Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mad Carpentier 1954 French Haute Couture Assymetrical Collar Cocktail Dress

Mad Carpentier Assymetrical Collar Cocktail Dress
L'Officiel de La Couture et de la Mode de Paris
October 1954
Etsy Listing #70544942

The firm's two partners—Mad Maltezos and Suzie Carpentier— banded together when Madeleine Vionnet, their former employer, closed in 1939.

The two women represented a continuation of Vionnet's bias cut and elegance in fashion combined with a discreet social model, always proper. Twins seized from a most inspired rib, two women balanced to equal one, and perseverance through the war years established an interesting mystique around Mad Carpentier. As Mary Brooks Picken and Dora Loues Miller, authors of Dressmakers of France: The Who, How, and Why of the French Couture (New York, 1956) passionately enthused, "When it was almost impossible to think of luxury, of the richness of colors, of the beauty of fabrics, in a city without joy and without light…these two talented women carried on."

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