Friday, April 22, 2011

Elsa Schiaparelli and Marcel Vertes--a perfect combination

One of my favorite illustrators is Marcel Vertes, and I especially love his work for Schiaparelli perfumes.  Here are three of his ads that you will find in our shop:

  Harpers Bazaar
September 1945
Etsy Listing #70216138

Harpers Bazaar 
April 1945
Etsy Listing #70216224

April 1952
Etsy Listing # 71019728

Hungarian illustrator,  Marcel Vertes was born in Ujpest, near Budapest, Hungary.  He studied to become an aviation engineer, but instead turned to drawing and painting.  In the early 1920s, Vertes went to Paris, where he worked for the satirical magazine Rire, and for the Gazette Du Bon Ton.

Vertes was an outstanding painter, printmaker, illustrator and fashion designer.  His work was characterized by its economical use of line and color.  He moved to Paris during World War I, and established himself as one of the most important artistic figures of the 1920s; following the footsteps of Toulouse-Lautrec, Boutet, and Forain.  His work consisted mainly of portrayals and scenes of Paris street life, women, the circus, and cabaret acts.  Vertes went to school at the Academie Julian in Paris.
He became popular in France since the mid 1920s particularly for his lithographs, and illustrations.

Due to the impending World War II, Verte traveled to America where he lived and worked for some time.  His reputation as a great artist got him work as a book illustrator and costume and set designer for films, theater and musicals.  He worked briefly for Vanity Fair and Harper's Bazaar in New York before traveling to London to illustrate for Schiaparelli perfumes.  The collaboration between Vertes and Schiaparelli was an inspired one.  Verte's whimsical, and modern illustrations perfectly complimented Elsa Schiaparelli's avant-garde style and irreverent attitude.

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