Monday, April 11, 2011

Jacques Fath Cocktail Dress

Jacques Fath
Alpaca Wool Cocktail Dress
L'Officiel de La Couture et de la Mode de Paris
March 1955 

Etsy Listing #69872674

Fath was a popular and occasionally innovative designer known for dressing "the chic young Parisienne".  He utilized such materials as hemp sacking and sequins made of walnut and almond shells. His 1950 collection was called Lily, and its skirts were shaped to resemble flowers. For eveningwear, he advocated velvet gowns. During World War II, Fath was known for "wide fluttering skirts" which, The New York Times explained, "he conceived for the benefit of women forced to ride bicycles during gasoline rationing". His clients included Ava Gardner, Greta Garbo, and Rita Hayworth, who wore a Fath dress for her wedding to Prince Aly Khan.

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