Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our New Shop - Haute Couture Fashion Ads

We have had our Paper Doll Girls etsy shop for well over a year now and have collected hundreds of ads that we aren't able to list there because they don't meet the criteria of vintage--they are less than 20 years old.  

We decided to rebrand the ebay shop we have had since 2003, and start using it again as a venue for all the beautiful French, UK, US, and Australian ads we are unable to offer in Paper Doll Girls.  These ads date from 1992 to the present.  You can find them in our newly re-launched ebay shop, Haute Couture Fashion Ads.

We've just started listing in the shop, so please stop by from time to time and see what we have on offer.  Here are a few of what you'll find in there now:



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